About Us

The Rehmpack Story

Rehmpack (formerly Rehman Packages) started out as a small offset press in 1967; in a little over four decades we have grown into one of the leading offset print facilities in Pakistan. Today we have state-of-the-art, large format offset presses and with our dedication to quality and food safety we focus on printing food and pharmaceutical packaging.

In 2006 Rehmpack successfully expanded into flexographic narrow web labelling.


The Rehmpack Team

At Rehmpack we know that an organisation's real strength are its people. Our team of dedicated professionals take great pride in their work and strive to deliver excellent service and the highest quality products to all our clients.

Our company culture encourages team members to take ownership of their projects, to use their collaborative expertise to develop effective communication solutions for clients and to make quality their primary focus.

We treat every project and every print job as a learning opportunity and encourage improvement through continuous learning. Rehmpack places strong emphasis on technical, technological and managerial training specifically related to the print industry.



Mission Statement

To ensure high quality and conform to international standards of food safety